Mind + Body + Spirit

Tai chi, yoga, meditation, acupuncture … what do these ancient wellness practices have to do with health and healing? A lot, experts say. Established in 2013, the UF Health Integrative Medicine Program is blending health techniques once considered alternative with conventional medicine to offer patients a new type of holistic healing.




June 2014

Dr. Duane Mitchell (top, center)

Your body’s secret weapon (itself)

Dr. Duane A. Mitchell is developing treatments that use patients’ own immune systems to fight cancer.

Dr. Pritish Mondal (left) and Leslie Hendeles

Rx for asthma relief

Over-the-counter medications are convenient but aren’t the best option for patients with asthma.


True warrior

A patient who lost his foot in an accident will appear this season on American Ninja Warrior.

CON graduation

Gators, the next generation

A little Pomp and Circumstance, anyone? A new generation of Gator grads has been hatched.