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Health risks in hiding

At UF Health, researchers are uncovering how factors seemingly unrelated to health and wellness actually play a big role in people’s health and lives. Building an understanding of these social determinants of health could help scientists improve health across populations

April 2015

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A new parasite problem

More snails than previously thought could be harboring a dangerous parasite.

Tim and Wife Jamie

The 1 percent

Only 1 percent of patients with Tim Callahan’s injury recover. He was one of the lucky ones, thanks to hard work and care at UF Health Jacksonville.

Photo courtesy of Kate Ter Haar

Eat (a little) less, live longer?

Could intermittent fasting have benefits for your health?

Remiah Turner, 15, regained her hearing with the aid of a cochlear implant.

The day sound came back

After losing her hearing suddenly last year, 15-year-old Remiah Turner regained her hearing with the help of a cochlear implant.