Journey to the center of the brain

Since 2002, UF Health physicians Michael S. Okun, M.D., and Kelly D. Foote, M.D., have been using a technique called deep brain stimulation to treat patients with movement-limiting conditions. In this issue of The POST, we highlight one of these patients, and how Okun, Foote and their team are correcting the brain’s circuitry.

August 2014

Brain boosters

UF Health Vitality Mind aims to improve mental functioning, mood and the ability to independently perform everyday tasks in senior citizens.

Behind the stethoscope

Published April 1, “Resident On Call: A Doctor’s Reflections on His First Years at Mass General” chronicles the residency of UF own’s Dr. Scott Rivkees,

Two days, a snowstorm and a trip worth taking

Doctoral nursing student Brian Peach recently represented UF at a national conference.

Rowdy reptiles

Darryl Heard, a zoological medicine professor, has helped a conservation agency with its study of endangered Eastern indigo snakes.