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Fixing broken hearts

With a nationally renowned Congenital Heart Center and experts dedicated to adult cardiovascular care, UF Health has become a leader in caring for the heart and the supporting blood vessels around it that help it thrive. This month, we stitched together a few stories about the myriad ways UF Health experts are helping to fix broken hearts (and blood vessels). Illustration by Carlos Campos



February 2014

Miracle man

Personal trainer Brett Parks never expected to face death the night he went to meet a client in October 2012. But he did, and he survived, thanks to physicians and staff at UF Health Jacksonville.

Big risks for tiny babies

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is the most common cause of lower respiratory infection in children under 1. New research from UF could help doctors prevent the condition in the babies most at risk.

A new home for hearts

The tiniest heart patients at UF Health now have an intensive care unit built just for them.

The bone collector

Nanny Wenzlow is the first fellow in a new UF program that helps students become experts in solving crimes of the animal kind.