Lights, camera, medicine

Two UF residents have established a new online, peer-reviewed journal for medical videos that also gives users the ability to rate and review visual content. The journal not only gives doctors a trusted place to find and submit medical videos, animations and graphics, but also helps give these materials a long overdue academic stamp of approval.

July/August 2012

Super Gators

Meet the three Health Science Center employees who won universitywide Superior Accomplishment Awards this year.

Derailing disease

Is he a superhero? Maybe. UF researcher Ira Longini uses analytic modeling to hunt for Agent X.

A major league donation

With the help of Major League Baseball player Johnny Damon, a new UF center is bringing hope to children with a rare disease.

Another chance for Olivia

Olivia Salinas is thriving after becoming the first child with Pompe disease to undergo a procedure that is helping her breathe without assistance.