Your immune system

(and the scientists who love it)

Immune system responses are key to our health: too much or too little and the body takes a beating. Understanding how patients’ immune systems respond could open the door for a new kind of personalized medicine, and UF scientists are playing vital roles in moving this research forward.


March 2012

Epilepsy, interrupted

Using gene therapy to trigger production of a hormone in the brain could help stop seizures before they start.

Sherlock Holmes and the uncited passage

The Grandfather passage is one of the most used texts to measure speech … and its mysterious origin may lead back to Sherlock Holmes.

A prescription for smiles

UF and the Alachua County Health Department have launched an effort to improve oral health in the county.

Saving babies one snip at a time

Margo Klar is the first UF student to receive a prestigious Gates Foundation scholarship.