College of Dentistry Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log: Stardate 2011

Meet a College of Dentistry Klingon Commando.

The Starship Denterprise initiated rollout of a new clinical and education software package, AxiUm, on Jan. 3. Most clinics didn’t see patients during the first few days to allow staff members to input treatment plans and check current patient data, and so faculty, staff and students could familiarize themselves with the software. Highly trained faculty and staff served as Klingon Commandos (see photo) during the first week. Stationed in clinic and registration areas, the Klingons provided quick-response guidance and expertise to resolve problems and questions. On day four, most clinics began working on impulse power, with a light patient load, to test operations and performance thresholds. The following week, the Denterprise moved to warp speed in most clinics. With few exceptions, the Denterprise enjoyed smooth sailing during the transition and now prepares for its next mission. — Karen Rhodenizer