What's (app)ening?

What’s (app)ening?

Students use their mobile devices to stay connected to the outside world but with new technology, they can now use their cell phones to participate in classroom discussions or to create a new, interactive studying method. Here are a few tools people are using at UF:


Devices: Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones, Windows Mobile devices, laptops or desktops

Cost: Free

This app is a new response system that allows students to use their mobile devices to respond to questions that a professor presents in class. ResponseWare also displays the question-and-answer choices on the device while polling. Through a Wi-Fi or data connection, the app will send students’ responses to the professor’s presentation, and the group response can be displayed in real-time. When polling is closed, the screen will display the total group response. This app can downloaded at www.turningtechnologies.com.


Devices: Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Cost: Free

This free app allows students to use virtual flash cards while studying for an exam. The user can import flashcards from popular sites, such as Quizlet and StudyStack, or can create their own. The flash card set relies on shakes, swipes and taps. Thousands of free flash cards are already available, covering topics in biology, chemistry, anatomy and many more. This app can be found at itunes.apple.com. — Jamie Harrison