Days of discovery

Days of discovery

Each spring, the UF Health Science Center colleges honor the discoveries of their scientists and scientists-in-training. This month, The POST honors them too …

Faculty and students make their way through the poster displays during the College of Public Health and Health Professions Research Day./Photo by Jesse S. Jones

College of Dentistry

Oral presentations

D.M.D./Resident Division:

First place: Annapurna Desphande

Second place: Robyn Gagnon

Third place: Andrew Gooch, Phillip Bell


Ph.D./Postdoctoral Division:

First place: Andrea Knowlton

Second place: Kaleb Pauley, Hyun Min Jung

Third place: Sara Palmer, Byung Ha

Poster Presentations

M.S./Resident Division:

First place: Teagan Lavoie

Second place: Robin Ngyuen

Third place: Kevin Andrus


Ph.D./Postdoctoral Division:

First place: Ethan Anderson

Second place: Wendy Carcamo

Third place: Chuchee Choi


D.M.D. Division-Clinical Science Category:

First place: Johnny Williams

Second place: Daniel Sabra

Third place: Will Spencer, Tracy Aburto


D.M.D. Division-Basic Science Category:

First place: Ann Sagstetter

Second place: Danny Kalash

Third place: Tristan Hensley

College of Medicine

The Basic Science Research Award

Maureen M. Goodenow


The Clinical Science Research Award

Scott A. Berceli


Medical Guild Graduate Research Awards

Gold: Sonisha A. Warren

Silver: Sushama Kamarajugadda, Chen Ling

Bronze: Alex Cuenca, Sarah E. Mondello, Bing Yao


College of Medicine Medical Student Research Day/Photo by Maria Belen Farias

Medical Student Research Day Awards:

AOA Award: Christopher Favilla

Lawrence M Goodman Award: James Melotek (first place), Daniel Witter (second place), Bri Anne McKeon (third place), Cristos Ifantides (third place)

Tanous Cancer Award: Rony Francois, Eva Vertes


College of Medicine-Jacksonville

Faculty Research/Scholar of the Year Award

Mark L. Hudak

Platform Presentation Winners

First Place: Sushil, Gupta

Second Place: Ravi Keshavamurthy

Third Place: Margaret Gladysz

Fourth Place: Nikhil Patel

Fifth Place: Sima Patel

Sixth Place: Gathline Etienne


Poster Presentation Winners

First Place: Ryan Wilson

Second Place: Deborah Williams

Third Place: Maryam Tabrizi


College of Pharmacy

Oral Competition Winners

Senior division: Jay Schaub

Junior division: Rana Montaser

Levitt division: Stephan Linden


Poster Competition Winners

Professional student division: Nicholas Carris

Graduate student division: Daniela Conrado, Yue Liu

Postdoctoral fellow division: Alexander Vandell, Anamika Singh

College of Public Health and Health Professions

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Award Winners

Tina F. Cheung, Jaina C. Morar, David Moshe, Mark A. Nelson, Bhumi K. Patel

Graduate Student Poster Award Winners

Ishu Arpan,  Wajiha Akhtar, Michael B. Cannell, Jasjit K. Deol, Nour El-Bashiti, Elisa J. Gonzalez-Rothi, Marissa A. Gowey, Shilpa Patil, Ravneet S. Vohra, Yanning Wang, Evelyn C. King-Marshall

Graduate Student Research Grant Award Winners

Sebastian de la Calle, Elisa J. Gonzalez-Rothi, Amanda M. Seib, Carolina Valencia, Kathryn Ross

Postdoctoral Award Winner

Sarah A. Reed


College of Veterinary Medicine

Phi Zeta Student Award Winners

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Student Division: Sandra Tisdelle, Lauren Gray, Tyrell Kahan, Max Polyak, Jason Marano


Basic Sciences/ Small Animal/ Ophthalmology Division:

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Students: Leo Londono

Graduate Students: Astrid Grosche

Residents: Caleb Hudson, Shannon Roff


Phi Zeta Faculty Award Winners

FVMA Clinical Investigator Award: Amara Estrada

C.E. Cornelius Young Investigator Award: Brian Stacy

Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence: Rowan Milner

Phi Zeta Graduate Award Winners

Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Award: Claudio Verdugo

CVM Excellence in Doctoral Studies Award: Jim Wellehan

CVM Excellence in Master’s Studies Award: Caleb Hudson