Beautiful faces

Beautiful faces

Photos by Maria Belen Farias

Tucked away 40 miles east of Gainesville is Camp Montgomery, the site of the annual Craniofacial Camp organized by Virginia Dixon-Wood, M.A., CCC-SLP, a speech pathologist with the UF Craniofacial Center. The four-day camp is designed to help children with craniofacial differences develop better articulation of sounds and improve self-esteem. This month, The POST brings you a look at what life at this year’s camp was like.

Alex Johnson, a graduate of speech-language pathology at UF, helps Connor Schultz, 7, with his pronunciation at Craniofacial Camp.

Virginia Dixon-Wood high-fives Timothy Saige Davis-Wilson, 7, after a session of speech therapy during Craniofacial Camp.

Andrew Wong, 12, Sarah Funderburke, Aaron Tucker, 11, and Joshua Bush, 11, play Topple during Craniofacial Camp. Downtime usually includes activities to help campers who are shy about speaking in front of others come out of their shells.

Ashton Jarvis, 8, is launched off the blob by camp counselor Corey Elsemore.

Graduate student Janet Ferguson, Kristin Dorman, 8, speech pathologist Janet Hastings, Kaitlyn Calvert, 6, and Clayton Penick, 6, gather for speech therapy.