Construction update: new lobbies

A new look for the lobbies

By Meredith Rutland

More physical improvements to UF’s College of Dentistry and College of Medicine are on their way.

Both colleges are undergoing renovations to create a fresh new look in their lobbies and a more comfortable place for patients to wait for appointments.

Dennis Hines, associate director of medical and health administration for the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, said the projects started at the beginning of September and will be finished sometime after February 2012.

In the meantime, he said, the construction shouldn’t bother patients or pedestrians too much. Every consideration has been made to make sure people can walk safely through the area, such as keeping construction mainly to nighttime hours and renovating one side of the lobby while leaving the other side free for foot traffic.

The College of Medicine’s new lobby between the Founders Gallery and the Sun Terrace will create an identifiable entrance with a glass front. The inside will have wood paneling and new furniture that will create a high-end look for students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

The College of Dentistry’s new lobby will also have an identifiable front entrance. The inside, with its comfortable chairs and large waiting foyer, will have a modern, welcoming feel. There will be large, easy-to-read signs that will direct patients around the building, and the ceilings will be designed to help patients easily find their way. There will also be personal seating areas so patients can have a sense of privacy while they wait, and several facets of the lobby will be rearranged to make it easier for patients, such as moving the check-in and check-out counters closer to one another.

Both lobbies will have energy-efficient lighting installed.

The project is being managed by UF’s Facilities, Planning and Construction department. Oelrich Construction Inc. is doing renovations to the College of Dentistry, and Charles Perry Partners Inc. is doing construction a the College of Medicine.

“It’s just going to be a fresh, new look for both lobbies,” Hines said.