Small Animal Hospital helps Billy Donovan's dogs

Go Gator veterinarians!

Small Animal Hospital recruits new ‘fans’

When UF basketball coach Billy Donovan’s dog has a problem, he rings the home team: veterinarians at the UF Small Animal Hospital. Billy and Christine Donovan’s 11-month-old white Labrador retriever Otie was treated for a painful joint condition known as osteochondritis dissecans. Antonio Pozzi, D.V.M., performed arthroscopic surgery to remove cartilage from Otie’s inflamed joints. The Donovans’ yorkiepoo, Charly, also was treated at UF after being hit by a car. Both dogs are recovering and doing well now. “The UF Small Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to bring a dog in an emergency situation,” said Christine Donovan. “Everyone was very nurturing and the staff was super about calling us and keeping us up to date.” — Sarah Carey