Super model horse

Super model

Model horse company honors former UF equine patient

By Sarah Carey

Laura Moon, the owner of horse Mariah's Boon, and UF veterinarians Chris Sanchez and Ali Morton, pose for a picture at the UF's Large Animal Hospital.

An American Drum Horse stallion named Mariah’s Boon was a model patient at the UF Large Animal Hospital between 2008 and 2009, when he received two surgeries and numerous checkups for an abdominal abscess caused by a small wire that had penetrated his stomach.

Now, quite literally, he’s in the process of becoming a true model horse at only 6 years of age.

The model of Maria's Boon/Courtesy Breyer Animal Creations Company.

Mariah’s Boon — known to his owner, Laura Moon, as Boon — has been chosen as the 2012 Celebration Breyer Horse. The Breyer Animal Creations Company, a subsidiary of Reeves International, manufactures plastic, porcelain and resin model horses. These models are carried in stores and begin as artist’s sculptures. Each year, the company holds BreyerFest, the largest model horse show in the country.

The event draws model horse collectors and enthusiasts to Lexington, Ky. In July, BreyerFest will showcase British breeds, including the Drum Horse.

After his health problems resolved, Boon has been busy in the show ring, winning accolades such as Grand Champion Stallion at the Florida State Fair for two years in a row.

“I am so proud of him and so pleased with everyone at UF,” Moon said.

Moon is honored by the designation from Breyer but says the real prize is Boon’s life, which she credits UF’s large animal veterinarians and other staff with saving.

UF veterinarians treated Boon for an abscess in his abdomen and pericarditis, an infection of the sac surrounding his heart. Boon had eaten pieces of wire that penetrated the wall of his stomach and went into his chest.

“It was a miracle,” Moon said. “I am so thankful the UF veterinarians never gave up.”