Getting social (media)

Getting social

Want to reach out to your key audiences via Facebook or Twitter? Great! Did you know UF and UF&Shands have a trove of resources and guidelines to help make your efforts worthwhile? UF&Shands Web Services’ website,, includes documents on best practices, effective content strategies, policies, procedures, guidelines and legal considerations. You’ll also find instructions on how to make your social media accounts official UF&Shands accounts. Official accounts are included in UF&Shands’ Social Hub at The University Relations office also offers a variety of resources and guidance, including specific guidance on branding and logo use in social media at Additionally, UF&Shands Communications and Web Services staff members can meet with you to discuss how to legally post patient testimonials and photos to social media, avoid HIPAA and FERPA snafus and draw the most attention to your program through social media.