What's (APP)ening?

What’s (APP)ening?

By Erica A. Hernandez

Valentine’s Day is this month and hopefully your romantic gears are turning. If not, these four apps will help get you prepared, stay prepared or hide that you were ever unprepared.

Paperless Post

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Cost: Free

Did you forget to pick up the expected Valentine’s Day card? Surprise your loved one with a custom card that he or she can keep forever. This app takes the art of greeting cards to a brand new, highly personalized level. Paperless Post allows you to create a card, include a photo you’ve taken and personalize the message. The app features tracking and replying options too. The app is free but not all cards are. Cards are purchased on a coin system. Your first 25 coins are free and the next 25 coins cost $5. Cards range in price from zero to three coins.

Find Chocolate

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, 

Cost: Free

Find Chocolate may be the greatest or more dangerous app ever created. The app allows you to find the closest chocolate shop to where you are. So if you’re running late to dinner or just forgot to pick up a Valentine’s Day gift, this app will sweetly save you. With more than 1,800 shops listed in the app’s database, Find Chocolate will guide you to the best chocolate shop nearest to you.

Helpful Romantic

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Cost: $0.99

Need some help navigating the adventure of love? Helpful Romantic is a handheld navigation system to the love of your life. The app features more than 100 romantic ideas that are specific to the traits and favorites of your significant other. Helpful Romantic also serves as a storage space for all the little details of your relationship, from important dates to your love’s clothing measurements.