What's (App)ening?

What’s (App)ening?

By Erica A. Hernandez

Organization is a key to success and a key to less stress. Keeping your life organized may seem like more work than actually living your life. Luckily there are some smartphone applications out there to help. These apps can help you get control of your to-do list without losing your mind in the process.


Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Cost: Free

CalenMob is the go-to app for avid Google Calendar users. If your homepage on your laptop is Google Calendar then this application is for you. Similar to Google Calendar’s Web view, CalenMob displays the same way Google does. You can even add events to your calendar without an Internet connection. Once you reconnect your device, your Google account will be updated. Edit on the Web or on the go this calendar can keep up.

SaiSuke FREE

Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

Cost: Free 

SaiSuke features syncing options with almost anything you can imagine: Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, MobileMe, iCloud and your iPhone’s calendar. Customization is available for fonts, sizes and colors, and the app is even lockable with a 4-digit passcode.


Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

Cost: Free 

Cue isn’t a calendar app, it’s a life app. Cue automatically takes an inventory of the data on your phone and compiles it into one neat place. It syncs Facebook events with appropriate address book contacts, calendar appointments with corresponding emails, and so on. Cue reaches across any and all of your apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, iPhone calendars, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, iCloud mail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and LinkedIn, just to name a few. Cue creates a snapshot of your day and displays all relevant information simply. This app is so smart it saves you from having to be.