UF Health: Frequently asked questions

UF Health: More than just a name change

Why UF Health?

University of Florida Health — UF Health — better represents who we are today. We sought to establish a unified brand that better tells our story as the premier academic health center in the Southeast, in part because research showed consumers feel very positively about our UF connection. Our story is best told by using one name — one that sets us apart from our peers and competitors, that gives us national distinction and that more precisely identifies who we are and what we do.


What does this change mean for patients?

While our name is changing, our focus remains the same: to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care resulting in outstanding outcomes. This change will not affect the patient-physician relationship.


Is this a merger or acquisition?

This is not a merger or acquisition between UF and Shands and there are no plans for this to occur in the future. We are legally separate organizations and governance and leadership structures remain the same. Shands employees will not become University of Florida employees.


What can we expect to happen in the coming weeks and months?

Our name will transition from UF&Shands to UF Health. We have launched a new advertising campaign to announce this change and to showcase how our research advances benefit patients.


How will you start to change to the new name and logo?

The roll-out of UF Health will occur in stages over several months. We want to responsibly manage the expenses associated with this transition to the new name and logo. Some changes can occur with little or no investment. For example, we have quickly changed our website templates to reflect our new name. New advertisements will reflect the new brand. And ways in which we refer to ourselves will be adapted immediately to reflect UF Health. Other shifts will happen over time. As printed materials run out and need to be updated, we will use new names and the UF Health logo. This includes letterhead and business cards.

Name changes at a glance …

In Gainesville:

Shands at the University of Florida — UF Health Shands Hospital

Shands Cancer Hospital at UF — UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital

Shands Hospital for Children at UF — UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital

Shands Rehab Hospital — UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital

Shands Vista — UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital

UF&Shands Florida Recovery Center — UF Health Florida Recovery Center

UF Physicians — UF Health Physicians

UF Shands Cancer Center — UF Health Cancer Center


In Jacksonville:

Shands Jacksonville — UF Health Jacksonville

UF&Shands Jacksonville — UF Health at Jacksonville