Research Day 2014

From hypothesis to discovery

UF Health researchers and scientists-in-training revealed — and were rewarded for — their work during annual Research Day ceremonies held this spring.

PHHP Research Day_JSJ_IMG_4267

College of Dentistry

Poster presentations

Ph.D./Graduate Division

First place: Sara Palmer

Second place: (tie)  Kyle Heim and Zach Moye

M.S./Resident Division

First place: Lindsay Montague

Second place: Marc Rasmussen

D.M.D. Divison

First place: (tie) Paula Cohen and Ann Decker

Second place: Nina Guba

Student Research Group Winners

First place: Paula Cohen

Second place: Nina Guba

Periodontal Case Studies Division

First place: Ali Best

Second place: Danial Sabra

Oral Presentations

Ph.D./ Graduate Division

First place: Irina Velasko

Second place: (tie) Adrienna Gauna and Matthew Williams

M.S./Resident Division

First place: Carl Jones

Second place: Thomas Currie

D.M.D. Division

First place and Winner of the 2014 ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Award: Kyulim Lee

College of Medicine

Medical Guild Graduate Research Awards

Gold: Amanda Sacino

Silver: Thomas Biel

Silver: Tal Salz

Bronze: Mini Manchanda, Harald Messer, Kamil Nowicki

Advancement to Candidacy Awards

Douglas Bennion

Colleen Cole-Jeffrey

Kimberly Hawkins

Monica Santisteban

Doctoral Mentoring Awards

Brian Cain

Robert McKenna

Naohiro Tarada

Maurice Swanson

The Basic Science Research Award

Todd Golde

The Clinical Science Research Award

David Weinstein

College of Medicine – Jacksonville

Robert C. Nuss Research/Scholar of the Year Award

William Livingood Jr.

Platform Presentation

First place: Alexandra Joseph

Second place: Tiffanni Walker

Third place: Shobha Vootukuri

Fourth place: Youness Tolaymat

Fifth place: Esther Mihindu

Sixth place: Chetan Narasanna

Poster Presentation

First place: Leigh Bragg

Second place: Kristen McMaster

Third place: Kyle Fleck

Fourth place: William Kurban

Fifth place: Prardhana Challapalli

Sixth place: Melanie Kubik


College of Nursing

Undergraduate Award recipients

First place: Katherine Lehmann and Melanie Hankins

Second place: Dylan Germack

Doctor of Nursing Practice Awards

First place: Martha Mangus

Second place: Amanda Brink

Ph.D. in Nursing Science Awards

First place: Gemi E. Butler

Second place: Brittany Gannon

College of Pharmacy

Oral Competition

Senior Division: Bhargava Kandala

Junior Division: Mohamed Shahin

Levitt Division: Xinyue Liu

Poster Competition

Professional Student Division: Emily McCleary

Graduate Student Division: Aline Bergesch Barth, Anandharajan Rathinasabapathy,

Lei Wang and Guo Zhong

Postdoctoral Fellow Division: Stephan Jahn and Issam Hamadeh

College of Public Health and Health Professions

Highest Ranking Abstract: Sharareh Sharififar

Top Abstracts: Taj Azarian, Abhinandan Batra, Kendra Krietsch, Melissa Laitner, Molly McLaren, Chukwuemeka Okafor, Rachel Postupack

Poster Awards: Aviva Ariel, Adam Beharry, Aarthi Madhavan, Brandon Roberts, Sarah Stromberg, Karessa White and Sarah White

College of Veterinary Medicine

Phi Zeta Graduate Awards

Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Award: Erica K. Brockmeier

Excellence in Doctoral Studies: Sherry L. Adams

Excellence in Master’s Studies: Valerie Scharf

Excellence in Basic Science Research:  Shigeharu Tsuda

Excellence in Clinical Science Research: Poonam Jaiswal

Phi Zeta Faculty Awards

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence: Nancy Denslow

FVMA Clinical Investigator Award: Stanley Kim

C. E. Cornelius Young Investigator Award: Prodip Bose