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Best of the best

U.S. News & World Report has ranked UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital among the nation’s best in seven pediatric specialties and UF Health Shands Hospital in three adult medical specialties. Released in June, the Best Children’s Hospitals rankings recognized the following UF Health pediatric specialties: diabetes and endocrinology (14th), cardiology and heart surgery (27th), gastroenterology (34th), pulmonology (35th), neonatology (36th), cancer (41st) and nephrology (41st). U.S. News Best Hospitals’ rankings, published in July, recognized the following adult specialties: nephrology (25th), cardiology and heart surgery (41st), and pulmonology (47th). In addition to the ranked specialties, UF Health Shands Hospital was recognized as one of the best hospitals in the state and one of the best in North Florida. UF Health Jacksonville was also named as one of the best hospitals in North Florida. For complete coverage on the rankings, visit

Cherise and Dr. John Wingard

Cherise West and Dr. John Wingard

Meet Cherise

Meet Cherise. Cherise West from Jacksonville was diagnosed with leukemia and was told she had no hope for a cure. Meet John. John Wingard, M.D., a UF Health medical oncologist, worked on bone marrow transplants from donors who aren’t an exact patient match — like Cherise’s mom. John never treated Cherise, but Cherise is here today because of him. It’s invisible connections like these that help move medicine forward with every patient we serve.

You’ve likely seen UF Health’s ads — on TV, on social media sites, on the radio, on billboards … Now, UF Health is presenting a new story as part of its “Invisible Connections” campaign. In Cherise’s words, “I would be happy to do anything you ask to help spread the UF Health name. UF Health saved my life.” Thanks to patients like Cherise who allow UF Health to share their stories, we can tell the broader story of UF Health to consumers throughout the state. Visit to view the new commercial.

20140429_bell installation_058Ring that bell

At the completion of cancer therapy, patients stand at the threshold of treatment and healing. Now, UF Health patients have a new way to mark that transition to better health. In May, the UF Health Cancer Center unveiled the Liminal Bell at the UF Health Davis Cancer Pavilion. The Liminal Bell is an art installation consisting of an oxygen tank bell suspended from an oaken beam structure and surrounded by benches handcrafted from sections of live oak trunks. Patients mark the end of cancer treatment by ringing the Liminal Bell in the presence of family, friends and the treatment team. Radiation oncology and medical oncology nurses conceptualized the project after recognizing that the transition from treatment to healing is a big step for patients. The installation is the work of local artist Alexis Dold of Gainesville’s Circle Square Studio.