Bridging the information gap

Bridging the information gap

With around 22,000 employees at UF Health, it can be a challenge to keep everyone informed and support collaboration. We’re happy to introduce UF Health Bridge — a new intranet portal that will better connect UF Health colleagues with one another to stay informed about system happenings.

Bridge boasts four major functions:

Group collaboration — Faculty, staff and students can create formal and informal groups — private or open — to share files, resources, discussions, events and links.

Resource library — All the familiar links employees find on existing portals can be found on Bridge by hovering over the main menu bar, a “digital bookshelf” where work-related tools, services and applications live.

Internal websites — Departments and programs can develop and manage their own dynamic internal websites as resources for their staff and internal customers.

Enterprise communications — Best represented by the homepage, Bridge opens the door for systemwide communications across all areas of UF Health.

Additionally, it’s all mobile-friendly — you can use all of these features from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. With features like easy document sharing, collaboration groups and a robust homepage, Bridge connects us all to what matters at UF Health. Access Bridge at If promptedn, use the log-in information you use to access any work computer. The UF Health Communications web services team will host several classroom trainings and demonstrations to introduce employees to Bridge.