A day of discovery

A day of discovery

UF researchers and researchers in training revealed their latest work during annual research day celebrations this spring.


Research Day at the College of Public Health and Health Professions

Research Day at the College of Public Health and Health Professions


College of Dentistry

Poster Presentation

Ph.D./Postdoctoral/Graduate division:

First place: Giancarlo Cuadra

Second place: Christina Graves

M.S./Resident division:

First place: David Kellogg

Second place: Andrew Murray

D.M.D. division

First place: Kelli Rike

Second place: Andy Alvarez

Oral Presentation

Ph.D./Postdoctoral/Graduate division:

First place: Adrienne Gauna

Second place: JoAnn Roberts

M.S./Resident division:

First place: Mauricio Castellanos

Second place: Molly Smith

D.M.D. division:

First place: Taylor Capassop

Second place:  Amanda Francis


College of Medicine

The College of Medicine's annual research day

The College of Medicine’s annual research day

Medical Guild Graduate Research Awards

Gold: Douglas Bennion

Silver: Rony Francois, Geoffrey Rogers

Bronze: Fatma Ayhan, Shweta Kailasan, Regina Martuscello

Advancement to Candidacy Awards

Brian Mahon, Brittney Newby, Dane Phelan, Brittany Rife

Doctoral Mentoring Awards

David Bloom, Ph.D., Robert McKenna, Ph.D.


College of Medicine — Jacksonville

Poster Presentation

First place: Lydia Engwenyu, M.D.

Second place:  Kamaldeep Singh, D.O.

Third Place: Danish Vaiyana, M.D.

Platform Presentation

First Place: Melissa McGuire, M.D.

Second Place: Jared Roeckner, M.D.

Third Place: Katherine Puckett Parikh, D.O.


College of Nursing

Undergraduate recipients

First place: Jessica Withers

Second place: Ashley Johnson, Madison Arnold, Kaley Loewendick

Doctor of Nursing Practice recipients

First place: Christopher Weiss

Second place: Alyssa Liguori Macca

Second place: Cassidy Jacobs

Ph.D. recipients

First place: Brittany Gannon

Second place: Tanika Vivien

Second place: Elaine Zapata



College of Pharmacy

Oral Competition

Senior division: Mohamed Shahin

Junior Division: Fatma Al-Awadhi

Levitt division: Nakyung Jeon

Poster Competition

Professional student division: Gena Burch, Lindsey Osterfeld

Graduate student division: Neha Bhise, Ghadeer Dawwas, Ahmed Samir Elshikha, Oyunbileg Magvanjav, Anandharajan Rathinasabapathy, Lei Wang

Postdoctoral fellow division: Stephan Jahn


College of Public Health and Health Professions

Highest ranking abstract

Alison Barnard, Helena Chapman, Dominique DuBose

Top abstracts

Harneet Arora, Elizabeth Kacel, Chukwuemeka Okafor, Thomas Alex Weppelmann

Travel awards

Alexandra Brandimore, Genevieve Harris, Yun Shen, Erin Trifilio, Eliza Warren


College of Veterinary Medicine

Phi Zeta Graduate Awards

Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Award: Shannon Roff

Excellence in Doctoral Studies: Galaxia

Excellence in Master’s Studies: Stephen Jones

Excellence in Basic Science Research:  Johanny Perez-Baez

Excellence in Clinical Science Research:
Ashley Barratclough

Phi Zeta Faculty Awards

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence: Rosanna Marsella, D.V.M.

FVMA Clinical Investigator Award: Brad Case, D.V.M.

C. E. Cornelius Young Investigator Award:
Klibs Galvao, D.V.M.