Rare disease, amazing recovery

PythiosisDog 1Rare disease, amazing recovery

In late July, Efram Goldberg’s dog, Darwin, developed an ulcer near his tail. When initial treatment did not work, Goldberg did some research that led him to think Darwin might have a rare, life-threatening disease called pythiosis. He brought his dog to the UF Small Animal Hospital, where UF veterinarians confirmed Darwin tested positive for pythiosis. Subsequently, the dog received surgery to amputate his tail and remove the ulcer on his hip — procedures that were performed by J. Brad Case, D.V.M. Darwin also received additional medical therapy and several treatments in the Small Animal Hospital’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber, organized by Justin Shmalberg, D.V.M. Goldberg said Darwin is much improved since his treatment at UF, recently even going outside to play again. “I’ve been spoiling him,” Goldberg said. “I am very grateful that the UF veterinarians took my concerns seriously and tested him immediately.” — Sarah Carey