Celebrating Distinction ceremony honors achievements of UF Health faculty

Eighteen members of the UF College of Medicine faculty, along with two from the UF College of Nursing, three from the UF College of Pharmacy, two from the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and one from the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions, were recognized for their achievements at the Celebrating Distinction ceremony, held in the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Florida.

Each faculty member received a wooden chair with a gold nameplate to represent his or her appointment to an endowed professorship or chair position during the Oct. 26 event. Appointment to a professorship or chair is among the highest honors a college can bestow on a faculty member, and it’s usually reserved for scholars of national or international acclaim.

David S. Guzick, Ph.D., senior vice president for health affairs at UF and president of UF Health, said a record was set this year for the number of recipients and donors present.

Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the UF College of Medicine, presented each College of Medicine honoree with his or her chair. He spoke highly of Regina Bussing, M.D., chair of the department of psychiatry, who received the Donald R. Dizney chair in psychiatry.

“I refer to Gina as calm but forceful,” he said. “Her calm demeanor is disarming, and she usually gets what she wants.”

Azra Bihorac, M.D., M.S., FASN, FCCM, was named the R. Glenn Davis, M.D., Dialysis Clinic Inc. professor in nephrology. R. Glenn Davis, M.D, who was present at the ceremony, completed his medical training, residency and fellowship at UF before starting the nonprofit organization Dialysis Clinic Inc.

“It means a tremendous amount to be here today,” he said. “I’m very honored to be part of this school.”

Brian L. Hoh, M.D., chief of the division of cerebrovascular surgery and associate chair of neurosurgery at the UF College of Medicine, received the James and Brigette Marino Family professorship in cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery. His brother, Daniel J. Hoh, M.D., an associate professor of neurosurgery, received the Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation Inc. professorship in brain and spinal surgery.

Good noted this marks the first instance of siblings being simultaneously inducted into endowed professorships at the UF College of Medicine.
Azra Bihorac, M.D., M.S., FASN, FCCM – Glenn Davis, M.D., Dialysis Clinic Inc. Professorship in Nephrology
Regina Bussing, M.D. – Donald R. Dizney, Chair in Psychiatry
Segundo Joel Cardenas-Goicoechea, M.D. – Nell Bryant Kibler Professorship in Ovarian Cancer Research
Peter J. Carek, M.D., M.S. – Sue and Louis C. Murray, M.D., Professorship in Family Medicine
Jean E. Cibula, M.D. – B.J. and Eve Wilder Professorship for Epilepsy
Kirk P. Conrad M.D. – Robert and Mary Cade Professor of Physiology
Michael Haller M.D. – Silverstein Family Eminent Scholar Chair in Pediatric Endocrinology
Daniel J. Hoh, M.D. – Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation Inc. Professorship in Brain and Spinal Surgery
Brian L. Hoh, M.D. – The James and Brigette Marino Family Professorship in Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery
Jonathan D. Licht, M.D. – Marshall E. Rinker Sr. Foundation and David B. and Leighan R. Rinker Chair
Chihray R. Liu, Ph.D. – Thomas P. Mitchell Professorship in Clinical Physics
Carol Mathews, M.D. – Brooke Professorship
Lyle “Linc” Moldawer, Ph.D. – Robert H. and Kathleen M. Axline Professorship in Surgery
Ray E. Moseley, Ph.D. – Grace H. Osborn Professorship of Medical Ethics and Humanities
Laura P.W. Ranum, Ph.D. – Kitzman Family Professorship
Lee Sweeney, Ph.D. – Thomas H. Maren, M.D., Eminent Chair in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Scott A. Teitelbaum, M.D. – Pottash Professorship in Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Herbert Ward, M.D. – Kaine Professorship

Anna M. McDaniel, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN –
Linda Harman Aiken Endowed Professorship
Diana J. Wilkie, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN –
Prairieview Trust – Earl and Margo Powers Endowed Professorship

Chenglong Li, Ph.D. – Nicholas Bodor Professorship in Drug Discovery
Almut Winterstein, Ph.D. – Dr. Robert and Barbara Crisafi Chair in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
Chengguo “Chris” Xing, Ph.D. – Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair in Drug Research and Development
Glenn E. Smith, Ph.D., ABPP-CN – Elizabeth H. Faulk Professorship

Sarah Boston, D.V.M., DVSc, Dipl. ACVS – Jean Imparato Endowed Term Professorship in Canine Oncology
David Freeman, M.V.B., Ph.D., Dipl. ACVS – Martha and Arthur Appleton Endowed Professorship in Equine Studies