Helpful Habits

UF researchers using new strategies to tackle Alzheimer's and other memory disorders

Linda and Rolf Hansen, HABIT program participants. The HABIT program, developed by Dr. Glenn Smith, teaches people with mild cognitive impairment (a frequent risk factor for dementia) memory strategies. The 50-hour program also combines other tactics that have been demonstrated to improve cognitive functioning: computer training, yoga, education and support groups. The program is attended by a person who has been diagnosed with MCI (in this case, Rolf) and a partner (Linda). Jesse S. Jones
Glenn E. Smith, Ph.D., and other scientists are seeking ways to prevent dementia. Jesse S. Jones

Preventing Dementia

“The first thing we needed to do was blow up the idea that just because someone is going to get worse, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them.”
— Glenn E. Smith, Ph.D.

Looking for early signs

“I am learning to be patient. I won’t say that every day is bliss because he still can get frustrated and I still sometimes get snarky, but we’re just worlds better. This is life-changing for us"
— Linda Hansen

Staying on Track

Keeping a detailed calendar and precise notes helps Linda Hansen bolster her husband, Rolf’s, procedural memory. Jesse S. Jones


What can I do on my own to maintain cognitive function with age?

Glenn E. Smith, Ph.D. Jesse S. Jones