New Kids on the Block

UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital and the UF Health Neuromedicine Hospital.

TEAM-BASED CARE - Putting cardiology teams under one roof enhances cohesiveness

CLOSENESS COUNTS - Placing clinics near each other helps medical teams, patients

“Not only is it a beautiful building, but heart and neuro patients can receive virtually all their medical care in one location.”
Kim Bain, ARNP

FAMILY FRIENDLY - Neurology team thrilled at new hospitals’ focus on family care

“The layout is also extremely friendly to families, patients and visitors, and it includes several amenities not conventionally present in hospitals.”
— Katharina M. Busl, M.D.

NO DETAIL TOO SMALL - Neurosurgery teams see better cohesion in new surroundings

“We’re already very well-intertwined, but having the neurosurgeons and neurologists in the same building — a flight up or down — will take our teamwork to the highest possible level.”
— Justine Abram, R.N.

DIALED IN - New system puts entertainment, important information at patients’ fingertips

Nelson Keefer

HIGH-TECH CARE - New hospitals offer latest technology for patients

Jesse S. Jones