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UF Health lung transplant team rises to top in Florida

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docsandpatient LEFT: Lung transplant patient Edward Henry Jr. stands between lung transplant surgeon Tiago Machuca, M.D., Ph.D., left, and pulmonologist Satish Chandrashekaran, M.D., on a recent visit to the UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital. RIGHT: Members of UF Health’s lung transplant team, pulmonologists and artificial lung specialists gathered for a group photo recently to celebrate the Gold ELSO Award for Excellence in Life Support given to UF Health by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization. The award is for exceptional care in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, which is commonly used in lung transplant surgeries.
“I can't waste lungs on you…”


docs Tiago Machuca, M.D., Ph.D.; Mauricio Pipkin, M.D.; and Andres Pelaez, M.D., have led the UF Health Lung Transplant Center to new heights.
lung transplant statistics infographic
lung transplant statistics infographic


“If you wait for the perfect match to come…your patient might die.”
— Andres Pelaez, M.D.



patient Rita de Pastore