Shifting gears

Amid COVID-19 crisis, telehealth visits surge at UF Health

By Doug Bennett
telehealth chart In just several weeks, UF Health’s telemedicine visits soared from 20 on March 12 to 1,497 on April 16, a 7,385% increase.
“It was very much a team effort and the driving factor was visionary leadership and a bold, determined plan.”
— Stuart Clarry
Telehealth Telehealth has allowed medical professionals to practice medicine while observing rules for social distancing.
Telehealth The UF College of Pharmacy has converted part of its call center to support COVID-19 operations at UF Health. Faculty and staff in the call center are screening potential COVID-19 patients and referring to UF Health physicians.
“To reduce the risk of infection during this pandemic, we thought they would be better off with telehealth.”
— Jennifer Co-Vu, M.D.