UF Health Screen, Test & Protect

How UF plans to reopen the campus amid a pandemic

By: Bill Levesque
logo Jesse S. Jones
“We are not waiting for COVID-19 to disappear or for a cure or vaccine. We have decided that we must learn to live, study and work in the midst of COVID-19.”
Ken Fuchs
President, University of Florida
president UF President Kent Fuchs completes his COVID-19 swab test at the UF Student Health Care Center as part of the UF Health Screen, Test & Protect initiative. Jesse S. Jones
“The idea is simply that, when you can isolate, pinpoint somebody that’s been exposed, you are now down the road to limiting further exposure.”
Ed Jimenez
CEO, UF Health Shands Hospital
“We’re all in this together.”
Jodi Gentry
Vice President for UF Human Resources